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Colleyville Texas Estate Planning Attorney

If you’re a Colleyville resident, you need a Colleyville Texas Estate Planning Attorney. Rashelle Fetty of The Fetty Firm can help you plan and secure your estate. No matter how young or old you are, you should be thinking of your assets and your loved ones. Particularly, you should bear in mind how they will deal with your passing. Undoubtedly, the experience will cause a lot of sadness, pain, and grief. Even if you departed peacefully, your loved ones will miss your presence dearly. With all that weighing on their hearts, it’s a kind gesture to make the transition process as easy on them as possible. That’s just one of the many reasons to plan your estate beforehand.

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Why You Need a Colleyville Texas Estate Planning Attorney

As mentioned above, having your estate planned out before your passing makes things easier for those loved ones still on Earth. They’ll be more informed about your true wishes. Furthermore, you can rest assured that those wishes will be honored. A will is not a “suggestion,” it is a binding document. A will is your last opportunity to lay out your desires, and have them actually go into effect.

If you’re near the Colleyville area, you have the opportunity to work side by side with our attorney. This has quite a few benefits. For one, you can introduce your family to your estate planning attorney. If your assets have to go through probate court, your loved one will know that they’ve got someone on their side. They don’t have to scramble to find an attorney to represent your interests. Instead, they can just call the probate attorney who helps you plan your estate in the first place!

Probate court can be a long and draining process. Hiring a competent attorney can speed up the process. For one, you won’t waste time having to scrutinize the legitimacy of the document. Your will, and other matters of your estate, will surely hold up in court. On top of that, our skilled attorney will help shorten the process as much as possible. Some of your assets may be able to stay out of probate court entirely.

Additional Documents

Another reason to enlist the help of an estate planning attorney stems from the idea that you want your last wishes carried out. You can type up your own will, get it notarized, and hope for the best. However, every situation is unique. Depending on your financial situation and the type of family members you have, you may need a bit more than that. For example, if you intend for young people such as children to inherit your assets, you may need to form a trust. With a trust, you have the option to create certain (legal) stipulations concerning how the money is used. You can also appoint a sensible custodian. This ensures that your assets are used wisely, for the youth’s long-term benefits.

A trust is but one additional document you may need when planning your estate. The great thing about The Fetty Firm is that our estate planning attorney can assist you with all aspects of your estate plan. That’s not just limited to wills and trusts, though those are two important aspects of an estate plan. A good estate planning attorney will also make sure that your medical wishes are honored as well. For that, you will need a medical power of attorney or an advanced directive.

These documents not only go into effect once you pass away. This ensures that your final moments are as pleasant for you as possible, in the event that you are incapacitated. You won’t be able to make your own decisions in that moment. Therefore, it’s a good idea to appoint a person you can trust to make the choices that you would’ve made yourself. As you can see, an estate plan isn’t just about planning for your death. It’s about planning for the final moments of your life.

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What Your Estate Plan Includes

At the very least, your estate plan should include a legal will. In the will, you lay out all of your wishes. From there, we use supplementary documents to specify those decisions, as needed. In your will, you have the option to leave your assets and real estate to whomever you wish. You can establish a trust, name a person who will execute the will, and more.

What Happens If You Don’t Write a Will?

Without a will, your assets will be divided amongst your closest family members. However, who you feel closest to probably differs from what the state defines as “closest.” Depending on your individual family circumstance, your assets could go to your children. However, there’s also a likelihood that the property and assets could be divided amongst your siblings, or even inherited by your ex-spouse! Furthermore, you have no way to control what percentage of your assets goes to whom. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a will. If you can avoid it, don’t leave any of your assets in the hands of the state. And now that you’ve found The Fetty Firm, you don’t have to.

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Contact The Fetty Firm for all your estate planning needs. Our Colleyville Texas Estate Planning Attorney will examine your unique situation. Also, we’ll address your actual concerns regarding your assets. In the end, you can be confident that your property and assets will be divided up just the way you would like. This includes charitable donations, inheritances, and more. As a comprehensive law firm, The Fetty Firm is able to help you navigate through even the most challenging legal issues. From family law to estate planning and beyond, our attorney has the skills and the experience to create and represent your estate. You can reach The Fetty Firm through our fast online form, or by calling our law office at (214) 546-5746. Our estate planning lawyer looks forward to helping you and your loved ones prepare for the future.

Colleyville Texas Fun Facts

  • Less than 15 minutes from Fort Worth.
  • The 3.4 mile Cotton Belt Trail runs through Colleyville
  • The city’s original name was Bransford.
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